Today, the new malaysian understands success is always possible and with the right tools and a strong attitude, great achievements are always within reach. Companies looking to set up call back. Learn More about featuring your site. To schedule a meeting with M dot Mobile Sdn. As a performance-oriented, client-focused agency, MDC facilitates applications for MSC-status, assists in expediting permit and license approvals, and introduces companies to financiers and high-value business partners.

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A complete suite for Managed Security services.

Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd

Systems Integrators, Consultants or Suppliers or Vendors whose customers are: Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhdhttp: We focus on simplifying the problem solving processes and building capacity for our clients to execute. The resulting executables will be able to run on any Java Virtual Machine?

It is the first production quality C compiler that generates Java Bytecode to be used on JVM enabled devices, which include PDAs, cell-phones, game consoles, desktop systems, etc. A web-based e-learning management system domputing contents management capabilities. It is important that they are able to provide suppor to the end customers.


Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd

Experience in selling USB blank drives. In smarh, a community portal gives users the chance to own their personal websites. The company provides seamless communication through Voice over Internet Protocol Mimoemanaged virtual private network VPN and other solutions that could take your organization to greater heights. Effective Business transformation ICT is one of today’s major forces to fundamentally reshape the way business is done, altering the dynamics of organizations and economics structure.

AgriBazaar was launched by the Prime Minister.

MSCSB – MIMOS Smart Computing Sdn Bhd | AcronymAttic

Multislice spiral computed tomography Malaysian Society for Complementary Therapies malignant small cell tumor Marine Science Contents Tables Master of Science in Communications Technology mean stratum-corneum thickness.

All government departments and agencies in the state are benefiting from low rates when leasing computer equipment offered by Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd All in the ICT segment eg. Our manufacturing is based in Penang where we have asq ft factory. Alex Lee Sales Director Address: Project Director Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd This definition appears rarely. The WMR functions as a wireless router for homes and small office thus eliminated the need for Access points and routers for internet sharing etc.


Green Packet is planning to promote: Launched Makcik PC, a prototype portable computer. Arabic version will be ready for GiTex Classified as Information Technology The objective is to enable software developers to achieve platform independence via JVM using the time tested C language.

Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd Mscsb was incorporated in februaryand sice then, we have held fast to our vision, “to be recognised as a world-class computing devices solutions provider in a global market”. Custommedia will be promoting its software engineering services, including but not limited to: For other products and services, our target market is for large-scale organizations, such as Government’s bodies, agencies and ministries, higher institutions and corporate organizations.

Malaysia Microelectronic Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Selling new Product of desktops, notebook, servers and pheripherals. Our target markets are: Visualxtreme Sdn Bhd 8.

Curently our market segment covering almost government agencies and also corperate sectors.