The second one applies to delivering a single unified view of the company situation. In the Configuration Properties tab, double-click a property to edit it, change the value, then click the Save data icon to save your changes. Tue Aug 02, If you would like more information on data federation please see this article on how it works. Thanks Michael and Dwayne, OK, fine and thanks for the steer. Software Bo Data Federator.

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I can’t believe that Federator is that much of a specialist area and it has also been around for a few years. Information design tool allows us to create a local projects and resources connections, data foundations, business layers.

I saw an offical Federator presentation by Business Objects and I was encouraged that Federator can cope with data cleansing on the virtual fly. Hi dnewton, Thanks for your comments.

SAP BW Information design tool allows us to create a local projects and resources connections, data foundations, business layers. Tue Aug 02, 3: Finally the last one boils down to increasing the rate of return from already made investments in information management solutions.

Thank to these features, Data Federator meets the today’s business requirements. You can find the logs for your data federation service in the adaptive processing server that is hosting the service. I think that’s a requirement for a true EII federation tool, to be realistic. Hi Bob, I am trying to research Data Federator. Model driven federated query EII vendors 2. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see so few topics on it here. The Data Federation Administration Tool lets you optimize data federation queries and fine-tune the data federation query engine for the best possible performance.


SAP BusinessObjects Data Federator

The designers wanted to be sure that users would get absolutely real time information they need, cata of the number of different data sources it originates from.

Tue Aug 02, It’s always “as of now”. But that’s not the end of end users benefits, though. Sun Sep 14, 8: Right-click a connector in the tree list, then click Create configuration.

In ODSes, one might assume they are achivable as near-real-time since there’s minimal transformation going on. This file provides information about errors in the communication from the data federator to dqta SAP BW server. Compute statistics and set system parameters to fine-tune the data federation services and get the best possible performance.

I feel this discussion could run and run!

Data Federator (SAP Library – Business Intelligence)

Wed Mar 31, 4: The back-end engine that handles the queries is very good and I’ve heard that in the future they will be using this to integrate it into the next-generation Universe which can do queries from multiple data sources.


The cost of the software, another server at least server process to support, etc. Configuration of RFC connection. Wed Apr 30, In the first category the vendors with federated query EII products include. As a result, it is dats easier to adapt to constantly evolving business conditions and data integration demands.

Data Federation Administration Tool (DFAT): What it is, How it works, When to use it

My expectation is that over the coming year we will see an increase in demand for data federation software. Traditional data integration no longer is an datz efficient in every case. As it’s visible, Federator’s capabilities cover most of popular systems which are currently accessible in the market.

To administer or tune the data federation service Integrated in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence BI platform The data federation service enables multi-source universes by datta queries across disparate data sources and lets you federate data through a single data foundation.

I’m still keen to get my rallying call out there, though.