Eject actuator spring Paper eject actuator Paper eject actuator Rear chute cover Paper eject actuator European type Not used. Page 92 32 Remove the document front actuator from the lower document chute. Page 6 The following screen appears, indicating the detection of new hardware device by the system. Normal phase 2 Stepping down the transmission 0: It is useful when the machine cannot print received data due to the printing mechanism defective.

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High-voltage Ps Pcb Assy 5. Main motor connector Battery connector Thermistor relay harness No pause 0 0 1: Clean the corona wire with the wire cleaner. Dial Pad Keys These 4 keys give you instant access to 8 previously Use these dcp7010rr to dial telephone or fax numbers and as a stored numbers.

M Pickup function of paper tray does not work. Page All black User Check 1 Clean the corona wire of the drum unit. This problem may appear if the data is too complex. Page M Maximum speed is slow. Default period 0 0 1: The charge is generated by ionization of the corona wire, which has a DC bias from the high-voltage power supply applied to it.


Brother DCP7010 Service Manual

The printer prints unexpectedly or it prints garbage. Remote terminal not equipped with password function or its password switch OFF. Do not disturb this selector. Drum unit Are the drum shaft and Clean the shaft and the drum electrode of the electrode.

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The detailed illustration on the next page shows the components making up the ADF: Scanner Unit, Panel Unit 5. Software Setting Problems [ 2 ] Software setting problems The printer may not print the data correctly if there are incorrect software settings. Page Dcp010r 8: Sub Chute Assy 5.

Machine AC cord 5. If any error message appears, refer to this chapter to find which components should be checked or replaced. Conditions such as humidity, high temperatures, etc. Page “Found New Hardware Wizard” screen in step 6 appears again.

Boss Hook Rear chute cover Paper eject actuator Rear chute cover Brofher chute cover 2 Remove the paper eject actuator and the eject actuator spring.


Completely blank Ground Possible cause Check Remedy Step Result contacts Developing Are the developing bias Clean the electrodes at bias contact contacts between the printer both sides.


I White spots User Check 1 If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum unit may have glue from label stock on the exposure drum surface.

Even if the same problem occurs again, follow the procedures in the table below. Dark User Check 1 Check the paper used meets the recommended paper specifications. Page I Faulty registration Possible cause Step Check Result Remedy Excessive Is the paper loaded in the Instruct the user to keep paper paper load paper tray more than 27mm loads below 27mm in depth.

For the communications errors, the equipment also prints out the transmission verification report and the communications list.

Time length from transmission of the last dial digit to CML 0: Page WSW No. No hardware replacement is required for updating.

Page Cover page sample End page sample Confidential 8 – 2